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Egypt's Energy Plans for 2020 20-June-2015 Egypt is planning a majopr increase in electricity production using gas and coal. The gas turbines are being supplied by Siemens
Australian Summers 1-May-2015 My half-sister Louise was recently in Australia and heard reports of brutal summers with birds dropping dead from the trees! Are recent summers hotter than they used to be?
UK Climate & Energy Policy in Four Charts 22-07-2015 With data extracted from various government publications these charts show what the present policy is concerning climate change and energy with projections out to 2035
Does Wood emit more CO2 than Coal? 29-11-2015 Paul Homewood asked DECC if burning wood produced as much CO2 as coal. He was told No but the ansewer is Yes
Solar in Aberdeen 03-08-2016 Solar roof panels in Aberdeen, Scotland