Brutal Summers

Louise wrote that:

I was shocked in Oz by tales of increasingly brutal summers. I spoke to a cafe owner in rural Victoria who reported recent summers of 48 degrees, with birds falling dead out of the trees."

I was shocked too. So I thought to get some of the weather station data for “rural Victoria” and see how things have changed there in recent years. Have summers really become more brutal, or is it just that Australian summers have always been brutal and that because of the media attention climate has received in the last ten years or so people notice it more?

Rural Victoria

Louise’s cafe was in Ouyen (35.1°S, 142.3°E). There is a weather station at Mildura Airport (34.2S, 142.0E) which has records going back to 1946 up to and including 2014. I got down the monthly maximum temperatures. Here they are for January, Februray, and March:

[All data from Australian weather stations is via the KMNI climate site].